Des Öfteren werden im Frühling die besten Ideen für das anstehende Jahr geboren. Im Frühjahr dürfen wir längere Tage und kürzere Nächte genießen. Es ist also die perfekte Zeit, neue Hobbys zu entdecken oder Projekte zu starten. Hast du jemals darüber nachgedacht, ob du die Berge erklimmen oder eine Weltreise machen möchtest? Wenn ja, dann solltest du die Gelegenheit jetzt nutzen und damit beginnen.

Gerade wenn wir das Wort Frühling hören, denken wir an die Sonne und können die ersten Sonnenstrahlen auf unserer Haut spüren. Es ist der Teil des Jahres, in dem die Blumen wieder anfangen zu blühen und uns die Sonne wieder fröhlicher macht. Der Frühling bringt wieder Farbe in unsere Welt. „Dew" und "Florence" von Justus Brown sind die perfekte Wahl um deine Outfits mit farbenfrohen Akzenten zu stylen.


The summer is coming! Now it´s time to shake off the chilly spring weather. With all that excitement getting a new bathing suit and figuring out where your big summer romance is going to happen, we'd like to break in with show you some perfect wartches for your summer styles.

In the summer plenty of cities and towns hold free movie nights. You can go on a trip with your best friends or visit block parties. There are so many things to do during the summer months.
Everyone is at a festival or enjoying the sun on the beach. Make sure to be a part of it and share your best summer moments on social media.

" A realist, in Venice, would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him." -Arthur Symons

Lovely summer!
Isn´t it the best time to to travel and explore? You have the opportunity to see the world with your familiy or your friends.
Justus Brown will be your best companion fort he incredible time.

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There´s something very special in the air at this time of the year. Many people really love autumn for the changing color of leaves. The green nature will turn into beautiful gold, red and orange. When it starts to cool down we realize that the summer is over.You can feel the icy breath of the winter that blows leaves through the air.
In the summer it´s intensely hot, so when we talk about fashion in summer it´s mostly about lightweight and comfortable clothing. In autumn „Meadow“ and „Thunder“ from Justus Brown are the perfect fit when we start thinking about colors. The warm colors will match your outfits with your facvourite scarf or elegant trench-code. Autumn is definitely the time of the year for cozy sweaters or hot cup of coffee in your favorite café.


The last time of the year where all families come together. Big celebrations are very close, we enjoy hot chocolate, spend our time with the favorite series and walk around the park in the snow.Winter ist the time for bordeaux red, black and gold. For the christmas celebration or New Year´s Eve parties „Rowan“ and „Graham“ of the Justus Brown collection are the perfect fit. In winter time we would recommend you to go for gold to set a festive accent.
After and before Christmas most families enjoy their holidays in the mountains.
Skiing is one of the best family sports because provides a way for people to come together from different walks of life.

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